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About Covenant CDC...

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After years of serving our community with a part time preschool program in the Sunday School classrooms of the church, the mission to serve in a bigger capacity was realized. Covenant Child Development Center opened it's doors in 1997 as an intentional ministry of the United Methodist Church of the Covenant, offering preschool, daycare, and after school programs. What a wonderful opportunity to serve families in our community with quality early childhood education in a Christian environment.
Our amazing staff is dedicated to making sure our children are nurtured and blossoming in the classroom. We value our staff here at Covenant and look forward to seeing our students flourish each year!

Our Mission Statement...
Covenant Child Development Center is an intentional ministry of the United Methodist Church of the Covenant. The Center is governed by the Child Development Board, who uphold that childcare is an important outreach program, designed to offer the very best in Christian childcare and early childhood education.
Our goal is to teach and model the skills and attitudes that enrich family life and instill a love for learning in a Christian environment. The Preschool Program offers a morning curriculum that is designed to provide each child with learning experiences that help them to develop physically, socially, spiritually, cognitively and emotionally. The Daycare Program builds on the preschool program as it continues to provide afternoon care in an environment which is safe and secure. The After-School Program offers small, age appropriate classroom settings for homework, fellowship, and recreational activities.
Within this atmosphere of love and trust, we strive to give each child a feeling of self confidence and a knowledge of God's love for us and each other.

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