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Preschool/Daycare & Kindergarten

This is a full-time program for children 1 year through 5 years. Our Preschool/Daycare program includes preschool and full-time care for the hours we are open (7:00 am to 6:00 pm). Preschool begins at 8:30 and continues through the morning hours. Children in this program have lunch and then have a designated nap time. Our afternoons are a little less structured, offering more free time and play time.
Full-time students have the opportunity to attend on days the part-time students would otherwise be off (Teacher Workdays, Christmas Break,  Spring Break, and during the Summer).
We also offer extra-curricular activities in the afternoons for our full-time students. Currently, we offer parents the opportunity to sign up with Amazing Athletes and/or Tumblebus. Activity sponsors come once per week and these optional programs are offered at an extra cost paid by the parent directly to the sponsor. 
Our center closely follows Spartanburg District 2 Schools as far as scheduling Teacher Workdays, Christmas Break, Spring Break. We also follow District 2 for all Weather Delays and Closings.
Our Kindergarten Program is for children 5 years old and is from
8:30am - 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. The Kindergarten
program at Covenant is a wonderful educational opportunity for
your child. The fact that it takes place in a Christian environment
is an added bonus. Our student/teacher ratio is one of the strong 
points of our program, as we will only register up to fourteen
children in the class. Miss Anna is in her third year with us this 
school year. She is a certified teacher with over 5 years experience in elementary education in the public school system. Miss Anna has maintained her certification and continues to be a fantastic asset to our program. She, with her Assistant Teacher, Miss Ailene, make a great team, and they both have a tremendous love for teaching children.
In order to prepare your child for first grade, the Common Core Curriculum Standards for Reading and Math, as well as the South Carolina State Standards for Science and Social Studies, drive our curriculum. Our day also includes Bible stories and Scripture memory verses to help our students
experience the love of our magnificent God. The year is organized into unit
themes which will incorporate our learning objectives and serve as "spring
boards" for inquiry based learning. Our language arts curriculum includes
group activities, independent reading and writing, guided reading, literacy
stations, and writer's workshop. Math lessons are taught using manipulatives,
whole and small group instruction, and math stations. Our focus is on
conceptual learning to make sure your child truly understands the "why" of
math. Up until this year with Covid restrictions, we have had the luxury of
being able to expose the class to many educational and cultural experiences
by utilizing a wide variety of field trips and special programs. We are hopeful
that we will be able to get back to these wonderful experiences in 2021!


Miss BJ has retired as our Music Teacher for 3's, 4's, and 5k students. We'll be actively looking for a new Music Teacher for the 2022-23 school year! Classes visit the music room once per week for singing and dancing! Children have fun with seasonal music as well as theme based interactive songs. We also have a Christmas program each year. This is a special tradition at Covenant for family and friends to hear our students sing and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Every Tuesday, our 3's, 4's, and 5k students attend Chapel in our Sanctuary. Chapel is a great experience for our children as it includes learning a bible verse, singing, and a live puppet show. We are blessed at Covenant to have sweet volunteers from our church family, who come each week to make this program possible. Volunteers bring characters to life as Bible Man, Holy Cow, and Duck Almighty! As our Pastor Heather leads Chapel, these characters help our students discover the bible verse for the week. Our characters sing interactive songs about Jesus along with our children. Our live puppet show has been an added bonus to Chapel that our children love! High 5's and hugs are always welcome after Chapel!



a los ninos!

Miss Angela teaches our 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5K students. She is fluent in Spanish and knows all about the culture as well. Miss Angela brings a fun flare to this experience for all of her students. Spanish is taught every other week.
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